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Our Story

high end jewelry
In Belgium the name BIGLI is a synonym for colorful, elegant, modern jewelry that’s easy to wear every day. The driving forces behind BIGLI are Laurence Aerens and Thierry Spitaels, partners in business and in life. Laurence meticulously manages the brand’s image while Thierry takes care of customer relations.
Founded in 1997, BIGLI soon gained a special place in the luxury market by shaking up the traditional jewelry craft while still following its conventions, using precious materials, exclusive cuts, meticulous paves, refined settings and a unique layering technique with captivating chromatic effects.
high end jewelry
BIGLI jewels are crafted from the finest 18-karat gold in combination with carefully selected and beautifully cut diamonds to keep you shining forever. The joy they bring, however, comes from the magnificent colors of the most radiant and luminous natural stones.
Through the BIGLI process of clever superposition, shades and hues are even more refined, so in our jewels, the color variations are endless and really unique. And when you start combining or stacking them, colors will interact and become even brighter.
mini sweety colorstone rings, stackable, 18kt gold
high end jewelry
Over a period of more than twenty-five years, BIGLI has developed several lines that are constantly reinvented, resulting in a dazzling timeless variety. Customers can add new items to their own collection with a matching pendant or ring, year after year.
BIGLI’s contemporary pieces always stand out with their simplified yet incredibly strong aesthetics!
high end jewelry