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Tropical Green Earrings


We do not sell online in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Sweden.
Please contact your nearest jeweller to try at their boutique.



These Mini Sweety earrings are crafted in 18kt rose gold and finished with Tourmaline, Mother of Pearl and our 0.02ct signature diamond.
Tourmaline is the birthstone of October, discover your birthstone here.
The delightful cabochons, available in 50 exceptional shades, are definitely the most outstanding BIGLI feature. The collection was created using an ingenious superposition technique which combines several layers of stone to create new colours and different shades and intensities each time.
All of it 100% natural, 100% mineral.


Reference : 20O42Rgagtomp
Collection : Mini Sweety
Category : Colorstone Earrings
Gold : Rose Gold
Gemstones : Tourmaline & Mother of Pearl
Diamond quality : 0,04ct. G/VS
Diameter : 10mm
These Mini Sweety Earrings in rose gold are also available in white gold and yellow gold on request.
All our gemstones are natural products, and therefore the color and structure may differ from the pictures.
Because every stone is unique, we can not provide identical gemstones.