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Diamonds, one of the most precious stones.
Beautiful. Rare. Cherished. Each diamond is unique and is a miracle of time, place and change. And each has specific qualities that establish its value. With Bigli we appreciate and embrace this value.

GIA (The Gemological Institute if America) created the first, and now globally accepted standard for describing diamonds:
Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

C for Color
This C stand for how colorless a diamond is. His color affects the value of the diamond.

C for Clarity
This C refers to the number of natural imperfections, called inclusions, present in the diamond. This affects the clarity of the diamond.

C for Cut
Cut is the only diamond component not influenced by nature.

C for Carat Weight
Last but not least, carat refers to a measurement of the actual weight of the diamond.


Jewels are made to last a lifetime and even longer.
They have a special and valuable meaning in someone’s life and are passed on from generation to generation. This is why sustainable materials are used and all our creations are made by the best craftsmen, with a design that can stand the test of time.
To make sure you can enjoy your jewelry for years to come, and even make it last for generations, you can find advice on proper care and storage here. Because from now on it is your responsibility to keep the jewel in perfect condition.

Please make sure your jewelry does not come into contact with perfumes, soap, chemical products or cosmetics, as these could affect the color and natural appearance of the materials. We recommend waiting until your perfume or cosmetics have dried completely before putting on your jewelry. Please also ensure your jewelry does not come into contact with hard materials such as marble or stone.

We recommend that you remove your jewelry before swimming or bathing, particularly in chlorinated water or saltwater. You should also avoid wearing your jewelry while sunbathing or in the sauna due to the high temperatures. We recommend avoiding all contact with water when wearing our jewelry and cleaning them using only a gentle polishing cloth or more instructions hereunder.

Keep in mind color stones are more fragile than diamonds.

Please regularly clean your jewelry using lukewarm water and soap.  Once cleaned, dry the jewelry with a soft tissue to prevent new deposits or water marks from appearing. Do not hesitate to consult your jeweler about further maintenance to keep your jewel in prime condition.

Make sure that your pieces of jewelry are stored separately from each other. Some gems are strong, and can scratch or damage another gem if they come into direct contact. When you purchase a piece of jewelry, we will ship you a matching jewelry box and pouch which you can use to store it and take it with you on your travels.

The alloys of rose and yellow gold will not change color. The white gold alloy is rhodium plated. This is a normal treatment which will patinate with time. To maintain the whiteness of your jewel you can ask your authorized BIGLI dealer to treat it with rhodium again.

We hope you find these recommendations useful and that you will make good use of them. When any more doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact us our your nearest BIGLI-jeweler. 


model wearing 18kt golden rings mini sweety

To ensure that the rings are shown in the correct sizes, please check that this print has the correct size. So we kindly ask you to print out this guide and find a ruler which can measure exactly 50 millimetres.

Find a ring which is exactly your size. Choose your size by placing the ring on this paper. The inside diameter of the ring should match the diameter of one of the circles below.

Remember to measure your size at room temperature. Your fingers will usually be slightly smaller in the winter than in the summer – cold fingers in the winter – warm fingers in the summer.